How To Fix Lag In Pubg Mobile Emulator

hello guys this is agox and today i m going to show u how to fix lag in tencent gaming buddy properly open tencent gaming buddy window and select diagnosis you can see here that i am using windows 10 but its showing windows 8 64 bits and my cpu is i5 4440 (4 Cpu 4 Threads) but normal 3.1Ghz only Memory 8GB Ram here main thing to see is OPENGL and D3d11 (directx) is which?

u can see OpenGL is related to GPU dependant and directx(d3d11) is CPU dependant we will close window right click TBG app and Open File Location Appmarket Properties Compatibility tab as per your wish u can directly do this by selecting windows 8 and ticking Run this program as in compatible mode in windows 8 or use windows 7, whatever you wish to select and change as per your OS even after u have some trouble u can directly run for auto selections of compatibility Troubleshooter with

“try recommended settings” for this program to be run as run as admin each time tick and apply so that each time it starts, it uses full resources of windows with all the rights and don’t have problem if u have trouble in Fullscreen mode(f11) then u can disable this option or vice versa(reverse tick) to fix the full screen problem. and i would simply untick that as i dont have problem i dont want to overide dpi(mouse relevant)

that most people do but i dont want to do it (let my windows does it bcz settings change each time u update) click apply and press ok and close the window and then go to search type Dxdiag and run this program with that it will open Directx windows(all computer details) if it is asking yes or not press YES here u can whole system info- information will be listed as u can see

i have win 10 pro but still windows 8 64 bit is showing bcz windows 8 was bit stable for games and same goes for windows 7 as u can see it is listed 4 Cpus and have 3.1Ghz, if u have listed 4 cpu n 8 threads listed even then select 4 cpu in options Please note: Both physical and logical cores are listed as CPU in Dxdiag(kindly see your cpu specs and see no. of cores u have (kindly see your cpu specs and see no. of cores u have)

8gb Ram and directx 12(no need to worry in windows 10 as its default) (windows 7 might need to download dx11) we dont need to do here anything n go to settings here two main things that u can use most people still uses smart mode which is by default which is not good

(doesnt make use of your system properly) and can change its type of auto select if u have good gpu select OpenGl+ and have Good CPU like Intel i7 or ryzen 5 (mostly new models wid high GHZ and high Cores like 6 or 8) then select Directx+ if u have even Core 2 Duo but it have nearly 4ghz or 4.5Ghz or so with per cores processor even then u can select Directx+ but i prefer as i have 1080ti so i will select OpenGL+, or if u have gtx 1060, gtx 1050ti, or amd Gpu rx200-rx500 series then select openGL+ and make sure to tick

everything if if u have dedicated GPU(nvidia n AMD Only) (nvidia n AMD Only) then tick dedicated GPU if u have intel hd or amd APU then u have to untick, bcz they are not Dedicated GPU if let it ticked with it(intel or APU integrated graphics) whenever, u jump from plane u will lag(bcz it will not load faster) so let it be untick(if integrated grpahics only)

for Anti Alasing depends on how much gpu power u have if u have good gpu then u can select ultimate, balance but i prefer Smooth for 60fps for Ram n memory as u can see 8gb which is common so i will select only Half of it if u have 4gb or 6gb then select 2048mb if u have 6gb,

then u can also select 4gb but dont start any other program, esp. Chrome or so or mozilla firefox which would take lot of ram ok next is processor which i have selected 4 Cpu, bcz i have 4 Physical Cores(4threads) some might have, 4 Cpu and 8 threads(4Physical Cores only) or 2 Cores(physcial) and 4 thread or 2 Cores 2 threads if u have 2 cpu(physical cores),

select 2 CPU Even if it is 4Threads with 2Cpu only select 2 or it will lag but i will select for myself with 4 Cpu here, for full usage if u have, 2 cpu, and u are afraid, that it wont run on 60Fps that it wont run on 60Fps then forgot, bcz i have a solution for it which i will post link in descriptions below with it u can improve CPU power and windows performance

u can see video in description below or it might see on top right corner with Information button, Click i button many people might be thinking(if noticed) why my page file is so high, 27gb available and 4gb usage which i will also show u in video linked below u can increase it by following those steps because by default, when u run TBG it will almost hit 9gb usage which is by default only 1911MB u might even donate me after watching that video or might think that u wont need, that

“much needed upgrade” resolution is x576 bcz it shows me a bigger pixel u can also select 1080p but 720p is also more then enough if u have, very low end lappy or pc go for x576p Dpi i have not override in appmarket properties u can select anything but i prefer 120 or 160, u can select as per ur choice u might be thinking why i selected so low even tho, u can see i have selected 2k ultra HD bcz i have 1080ti and, if have intel hd or amd apu(integrated gpu) then select 720p only as

they cant support higher resolution if u have, gtx 1050ti or even level, select 1080p if u have even better then 2k can be selected display quality, depends on you but i prefer smooth for Shader are removed shadows are removed so smooth is best u can try using both and see yourself by testing it, see which works best for u x576 shows bigger pixel ,

esp when someone is peeking now press ok n close and play whenever u start TBG open Task manager each time we run TBG we will if windows 10 , then go do details and select the process set process priority to above normal or high so that it takes more cpu and more resources usage whole usage prioritize to

TGB as u can my recorder is running have closed discord and even then its running fine as u can see we will go into training mode select show FPS fullscreen as u can see, almost no lag whole lag and shutter is gone if u like this video, make sure to Like , subscribe , comment and share If u have any problems ahead, then comment and type your problem by tagging my name i will reply asap Thank you for Watching

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