How To Remove Instagram Account

hi guys my name is Arru and i wel come you in this video in this video we are going to talk about instagram,if you re unable to login and have seen many videos you have tried so many methods you neither have recover mobile number nor recover email id and you guy unable to login in your instagram account after trying too much so here

I am showing you ultimate way actually there is a reason behind this video i got an email from shubham chavan he told me same problem he has lost his phone and he is unable to access instagram he did not gave recovery mobile and email in instagram and didnot link facebook also. so i replied him just now sir please talk to instagram they will help you. look here I said this did you asked instagram for help?

if you are unable to access your instagram account by any method so last way is to ask to instagram to help he said instagram help page is not coming,it is telling “need more help “to finally he was unable to do this so finally i thought to show you all because there must so many people those might unable to access instagram.

would be facing instagram login problem it may be by any reason but either forgot password or forgot login id, or due to any problem see friend let me show you what you have to do you dont have to do any special thing,just download instagram in mobile just open instagram app dont use instagram web download instagram app in mobile and open it as you opens it will ask you to fill id and password but just look below

you will see get help signing in we shall click here,as we click here what you have to do now now you must have one thing out of these two either user name ( normally everyone remember user name ) so here you have to fill your user name just fill your user name or fill your mobile number if you given many people do not have mobile number

and e mail in instagram so i have fill instagram id here as you fill your user name, your instagram profile picture will appear here this is the best way to recognize our instagram user id if we identify our instagram profile picture that mean this account belongs to us suppose i have typed kalpeshgarg7 instead of kalpeshgarg77 i and click next,now the

pic coming is not mine so i come to that this is not my account so i will try more,i remove 7 now the account coming is not mine so here i am typing now 77 and see the magic this is my account so in this way we can find user name if we remember starting few words of id this is my son’s pic and i know this is my account now come to the point,

how to recover it? send an email? send a sms? now i am clicking on send an email it will send me an email on my registered email id if i click send a sms they will send me a sms on my mobile but if you have not gave email or mobile number in instagram then also you may recover your instagram account by two ways now i am going to back and showing you login with facebook you can login with the help of your

facebook id just fill face book id and password and you will be able to login from here if you have not login from facebook, then go to next here email and sms not working, look below you will see need more help now click on “need more help ägain repeating same process dont get confuse,as you go to login instagram,just click below get help in siging

in here you have to enter your instagram id after entering id you have to look at your pic and make sure its your id now you have 2 option 1 email and 2 sms if you have given email just click on e mail ,you will get a link on email if you have given mobile number just click on sms me,you will get link on sms on mobile if you dont have email and mobile nember,just sing in using you facebook id if these 3

thing dont work for you just click on need more help below now here they are asking for sign up email that you dont know anyway ,what you have to do now select your account type, my account is personal account with photo of me personal account without photo? select what type of account you are having company or brand account?

or personal account with photo? or personal account without photo,lets select personal account with photo i forgot the email on my account now select what was your problem either you forgot password or you dont remember email id or unable to login in email id just select your related problem and if any other problem just click on other and mention your problem now give all the information that how you lost you account access and all needfull information here just try to give maximum information and just give your mobile number also and

also give your email id also just give your facebook id also as much information you can give would be better and finally submit request from here as you submit request,after sometime 1 day, 2 days, 3 days ,a week , instagram will reply you back and instagram will help you out to access your account back instagram is not intrested in keeping your account close,instagram itself want to active all account instagram 100 percent try to give you your account back the only codition

apply, it must be your account. account must be related to you instagram will ask for proof,to confirm that this account belongs to you. if this account belongs to you they will give you back 100%, this is ultimate way,there is no other way to get back such type of accounts. without email and mobile number and not done login from facebook so

this is ultimate way to ask direct instagram for help this is help form of instagram and you can feel it as i brief friends if you like this video dont forget to like it why you are unable to login instagram account? just write in comment box what recovery option you have given in instagram,just let me know i would try to help you related if you given

email or mobile just tell me if you had connected through facebook let me know after watching this video if you get your insta account back please comment and let all know that this video works. this video is genuine. so all other viewer can no that this video is really helpfull and this is the ultimate way to get insta account back again requesting to

subscribe this channel because I always make tutorials related to routine life need this is all for today,see you soon in my next video,till then Jai hind(The land of India),jai Bharat (India),jai Bhartiy Sena(Indian Army)

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