How To Repair Dead Not Detected Hard drive

hello everyone Today we will see how to repair a dead hard disk this is 320 gb sata hard disk this hard disk is dead it is not detecting today we will see how to repair this hard disk in the first video I told how to repair the hard disk logic board today

we will see what can be the problem other than the logic board problem for dead hard disk i checked this board there is no problem in this board still it is not detecting the motor inside the hard disk is not moving the motor is bad or power is not going to motor so step by step today we will show what else can be the problem other than

logic board this is the logic board this is motor connector and this is data connector i have checked the entire board and there is no problem in the board so what can be its problem this is the power connector from here goes power in the motor after that the motor rotates so when power goes through the motor connector ,

the the motor will spin the motor is not spinning, it means power is not going to the motor the reason for not going to power is that there is a bad component in the PCB if all the component is okay so connector is not working sometimes

moisture comes in the motor connector hard disk and hard disk pcb is not connected for moisture For this, you have to clean this connector and this connector so we will take a eraser through it we clean this connector this is not a big problem still hard disk will not detect or its show dead if it is clean then the PCB and the main

hard disk will be connected if it is not clean then it will be disconnected It is very important for the connector to be clean after cleaning, put the PCB again with the hard disk even after cleaning ,

if the hard disk does not detect , then check the pcb components I have already upload a video of how to check the PCB about it In this video I showed how to each component of PCB should be checked And if there is no fault in

PCB then the fault is in the connector and one more thing I f there is an faulty IC in the PCB and you can not find the IC to Replace , then what to do PCB will have to change

How do you find same board check hard disk model manufacture location same this is made in chaina main criteria is PCB serial number this is PCB serial number It is necessary to match this Lets check this hard disk motor is moving or not you can feel by touching whether the motor is moving or not I think this hard disk is okey now so the problem was in the connector if you like this video plz subscribe my channel and press the like button

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